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2008 Deer Contest
The results are in for 2008, winner for the lucky draw doe contest is Mike Talaga.
"Big Buck" winner is determined by a combination of weight and horn size. The winner is Bob Riccadello with a 194lb / 9 point shot in Glastonbury early November.  Check out the happy hunters below.

Bill Turull 164lbs
Bill Turull 164#

Rick Danforth buck
Rick Danforth 170#

MIke Talaga doe
Mike Talaga Doe

Bob Riccardello
Bob Riccadello  194#

Dana Weber 166
Dana Weber  166#

Matt Crouch 176
Matt Crouch  176#
bob r
Bob Riccadello 7point

Just joking, this deer wasn't entered in the contest.
Mike Zotta  his 2nd CT buck of the season.

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