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nock point pliers$8.50  Nock set pliers will crimp on brass nock sets to your bow string without damaging the string. Works on all size nock sets.

     Item: PLI#55010 

nock points
( 5 pack) Saunders squeeze on nock sets. Works on all bow strings.      Item: NOK#12510

(100 pack)  Saunders nock sets
Item: NOK#180010

fletching tool 

This fletching tool is made of durable polymer by Bohning Co. Can be adjusted for 3 or 4 fletch. Comes with a straight fletching jig. Adjustable for off-set angles. Easy to use on any type arrow shaft. Magnetic held clamp.
     Item: JIG#239510

High quality aluminum T-square for aligning nocking points and checking brace height and tiller measurements.                                                               Item: SQU#57510

serving tool  $9.95 
Cartel serving tool will hold all type  serving materials. High quality design makes replacing serving or tying peep sights easy.

                       Item: SER#69510

serving thread  $3.75  
Nylon serving thread works well for center servings on recurve bow strings and for tying peeps and kisser buttons. Work on all style serving tools.         Item: NYL#32510

string wax    $2.75 
Bohning Tex-Tite bowstring wax prolongs the life of your bowstring.
                     Item: WAX#19010

fletch tite glue $2.95  

Bohning Fletch-Tite glue works best on alumimnum and  fiberglass shafts. Dries in 25 minutes. Not recommended on carbon arrows.       Item: GLUE #21010

gel glue $8.00
Large 9 gram size will fletch many arrows and can be used on all type vanes, feathers, nocks and even points. This is our personal favorite. The only glue that will work on all arrow parts. Best on carbon and fiberglass and wood arrows. Not recommended on aluminum. Works great on wraps. Dries in just a few minutes. Dries in seconds when used with AAE vanes.         Item: GLUE#65010

Bear Paw taper tool puts proper taper for both nock and point ends on wood shafts      Item: TAP#45010

bow tip protector

$6.00  Saunders bow tip protector will help keep your bowstring in position while you are stringing your bow. It will also help protect the bottom bow tip from being damaged.   Item: TIP#42510

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