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Camper sightCartel Deluxe Basic Sight this sight works well for the beginner target archer. Standard mounting holes allows this bow to fit on all recurve and compound bows. Made of durable polymer this single pin target sight adjusts easily for all your shooting distances.   Only $15.50

Item: SIG#115010 


Super SightCartel Super Sight is a durable polymer target sight with micro adjustments for moving the pin left and right.  Graduated scale distance reference. Extends to 6" and mounts easily to any bow.  Only $17.98

Item:  SIG#124010



Jr Champion sight

Cartel Junior Sight is an aluminum sight with a quick detachable mounting system. Works well for beginner target archers and adjusts easily for all shooting distances. Mounts on all recurve and compound bows.   Only $26.98

         Item: SIG#189910         


Medalist sight


Cartel Medalist sight is a mid-grade target sight. Detachable extension arm with all aluminum components. Micro adjustments for horizontal and vertical movements. 8/32 sight pin included.  Mounts to all recurve and compound bows.                                                  Only  $53.98                  Item: SIG#399910


Medalist Lite sight

Cartel Medalist Lite target sight. Quick detachable and extends up to 9". Mounts to any compound or recurve bow. Micro adjustable for both elevation and windage. Comes with 8/32 sight pin and calibrated distance scale. Extension arm is ultra light weight.              Only $69.00

Item: SIG#483010


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