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Spirit bow

GK Archery "Spirit: take down hunting / target bow. 60" with draw weights of  40, 45 & 50#.
Laminated hardwood handle riser has bushings for sights, quivers, arrow rest and fish reels.
Limbs feature a 3 wood layer core with clear fiberglass face and backing, re-inforced limb tips
so you can use "fastflight" and other string materials. Bow comes with a carpet arrow rest installed
with leather side plate plus a dacron bowstring. Dual steel pin limb alignment system with hex head
limb bolt. We offer a full 6 month warranty plus an additional 6 month prorated warranty.
Available in right or left hand.  $149.00  with free shipping within the US.

Old Mountain Spark take down huntng bow

Spark 60 "  MSRP  $209.99  available in  55 lb draw weights  ( sale price only $124.99 )
this is Old Mountains top of the line take down bow.

We are currently in the process of getting involved with a new bow company we feel will offer outstanding
at great prices. Hopefully soon we will be offering these bows for sale.



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