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Traditional Asian bows

The Kaya KTB is hand crafted by one of Korea's finest bowyers, Mr Kwak Yoon Sik who is also the current Korean national champion. The bow is made with a center core of durable hardwood and laminated with carbon and fiberglass sheets then wrapped with a leather type cover.  The bows are 50" end to end when strung. They can be shot by either right or left hand archers. These bows are normally drawn farther than our "normal" anchor position to lengths averaging 31".  The draw weight is measured at this 31" with littel or no stacking.  Available weights are 35, 40, 45, 50, & 55#. The bow comes with the proper bowstring and simple directions for stringing and useage.  Kaya provides a full one year warranty with these bows.

Kaya KTB Korean traditional bow   $269.95    Free Shipping within the US


The Kaya "Khan"  is made with a similar limb structure as the KTB bow above. The limbs are longer by 1" each but the same string is used to produce a higher brace height which is needed for the western style of shooting with the fingers.  Brace height is 6" on this bow. These bows are specific for left and right hand archers as an arrow shelf is cut in the grip to produce a center shot design. The bow weighs less than one pound and is 50" from tip to tip when strung up.  The grip is made from laminated maple and rosewood and finished with a leather grip. Comes with a fastflight bowstring. We inspect every bow for imperfections and install a simple shelf rest and bowstring nock points before repackaging the bow with extra padding to assure it makes it to you in perfect condition and ready to fire. Comes with a one year warranty. Available draw weights 35, 40, 45, 50, & 55# measured at 28" ( very little stacking up to 30")

Kaya Khan Asian Traditional bow

$269.95  Free Shipping within the US

Some people may term this bow as a "Horsebow"


Kyudo Japanese Traditional bow.  Authentic Japanese style bow is 219 CM tall. Can be shot with draw lengths up to 35". made from maple and fiberglass this bow is a work of art in itself.  Accented with hand wrapped grip and protective pads. Can be shot either right or left hand.  Available draw weights are 13.5,  16,  18,  20  KG measured at 31".   Comes with the proper bowstring.


Kyudo Japanese bow yumi

$354.95    Free shipping within the US





Only $10.00 shipping  within the United States and Canada

(sorry but these are too long to ship internationally)

Greatree Archery Solo Longbows are extremely high quality longbows for a modest investment. All bows carry a full one year warranty.  68" long and available in both right and left hand. All the Solo models use the same hardwood laminated handle riser which is cut to center shot.  All bows come with the proper dacron bowstring, felt arrow rest, leather grip and a full one year warranty.

Solo Bamboo features a mulitiple wood core limb lamination, two bamboo laminations then faced and backed with clear fiberglass. Fully center shot for extremely straight arrow flight.  This bow shoots as sweet as it looks    $224.95

ManchesterBamboo longbow

Available in 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, & 55 lb draw weights @ 28"

Manchester bamboo close


Solo Black features a multiple wood core limb lamination,  black fiberglass is used on the face and back. Beefy finished limb tips will hold up to all types of synthetic string materials. Hardwood laminated center shot handle riser.   $199.95

Manchester solo black

Available in 35, 45, 50, 55 lb draw weights  @ 28"


Solo Deluxe features a mulitiple wood core limb lamination, clear fiberglass is used for the face and back this lets the beauty of the wood core show through.  Beefy finished limb tips will hold up to all types of synthetic string materials.  Hardwood laminated center shot handle riser with leather grip.     $209.95

Solo Deluxe

Available in 35, 45, 50, 55 lb draw weights @ 28"                

Selway Leather Longbow Quiver. Light weight & quiet. Just slips down over your limbs.  $99.00

WE sell replacement strings for all the bows listed on this page.  Price varies depending upon the bow type

Bowstringer by Bear Paw Archery. High quality especially designed for longbows. Attaches to both ends of the bow over the tips. Extra large / durable leather end cups. Makes stringing your longbow easier and safer than by hand. Can use even with a quiver full of arrows.   Only  $8.00

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