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netting Our backstop safety netting is made of a durable nylon with a tight weave and will stop arrows shot from up to 40# bows when it is hung properly.  The netting is 10ft  tall and has grommets installed for attaching it through a cable to suspend your net.  Nets should always be hung loosely and not secured on the bottom or the sides to be most effective.  Be sure to keep at least 2 feet away from solid objects behind the net.  Available in either 10ft or 30ft lengths.

10ft X 10ft  $159.00     Item:  NET10#1390010

10ft X 30ft  $420.00     Item: NET30#3790010




40 cm / 16"  $0.65  each  Item: FACE40#4910

60cm / 24"   $1.35  each  Item: FACE60#9510

80cm / 32"   $3.33  each  Item: FACE80#17010

122cm/48"  $5.50   each  Item:FACE122#43010

These official FITA target faces are known as "toughenized" because they use a high quality paper with fiberglass threads woven through it to resist bad weather and tearing. 


Olympian bow stand   Cartel Olympian bow stand. Hold bow securely in place use either indooors or outdoors.                         $24.00     Item:  STA#164910

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