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montec 100

  $34.95  This is probably the highes quality one piece broad head available today. Precision made these heads will true on your arrow shaft and produce exceptionally accurate arrow flight as well as quick clean kills. 1 1/16" cutting diameter.  Comes in a three pack / no assembly required just screw them into your arrow and go. 

These broadheads are also available in 85 grain 1" cutting diameter and 125 grains 1 1/8" cutting diameter.

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slick trick broad heads  $24.99  The "Slick Trick" broad head is our most popular big game head. This is the original "short blade" broad head that started a whole new technology in achieving field point impact and accuracy. Features a solid steel ferule for extreme strength. All 4 razor sharp blades are .035 thick and have a unique inter locking feature which holes them securely in place even when penetrating bone. 1 1/8" cutting diameter on the original 100 grain "Magnum" model. 125 grain model is now available.  An 85 grain model has been added and features a 1" cutting diameter with .030 thickness blades. All sizes will come in a three pack.

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Replacement blades are available for $11.00 which will replace 3 broad heads


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