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Cartel "Deluxe" bow case for take down bows. This case has a cut out foam core to hold riser and limbs in place and prevent scratching and denting. The durable nylon outside shell resists rips and stains. It has multiple extra pockets for carrying accessories. Fits risers up to 24" long.  Only $28.50          Item  # CASE189010

cartel foam case


Greatree "TD take-down" bow case. Made from cordura material this case is durable and hansome. Open it up and you will see 2 accessory pockets inside and also two longer pockets to keep the bow handle and limbs in. This is large enough to take any length handle riser and limbs. Full wrap around zipper. Lightly padded for ample protection. 9" X 32"  black only.  $25.00

Greatree Archey take down bow caseGT td bow case


Greatree Archery "Roll up" bow case.  Made from durable cordura material.  Rolls open into four sections. Large enough to hold any size handle riser or limbs.  Includes a sizeable storage pouch. Individual limb pouches to prevent scratching.  This case does a great job protecting your gear. Includes a shoulder strap and hand strap.  Attractive green or grey color.  $30.00

roll up caseroll up case



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