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Target arrows and shafts

Tell us your draw weight and arrow length and we will recommend the proper size shaft you will need

Easton Jazz or Tribute aluminum arrows are a great arrow for beginners. Delivers a straight & accurate arrow at a moderate price. For bow with draw weights up to 40#.

Available sizes:   Jazz 1416, 1516, 1616, 1716, 1816   Tribute ( black shafts )  1716, 1816, 1916, 2016

Jazz arrows
Fletched with 3" plastic vanes     DZ $63.00   1/2 DZ $31.50
Fletched with 3" feathers            DZ $75.00   1/2 DZ $37.50
Raw shafts (no nocks & points)   DZ $39.95                         
***Fletched arrows include cutting to length and installing one piece target points and nocks
Beman ICS Junior Hunter carbon arrows.  These arrows are extremely accurate and just as durable.  These carbon arrow shafts will not bend.  Fletched with 3" plastic AAE vanes. For bow weights up to 40#. Maximum arrow length is 28".  Threaded inserts with 85 grain field points included.
ICS Hunter Carbon Arrows    $36.00 per 1/2 Dozen
Fletched with real feathers $37.50 per 1/2 Dozen

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