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Arm guards & finger guards


armguard  $8.50  This armguard is 7" long and will work best for adult archers. Quick attach clips and easy to adjust elastic straps makes this easy to secure. A must for hunters to hold back loose and bulky clothing.


armguard 3 strap camo  $9.95  This armguard is 8" long and features 3 elastic straps with quick attach clips. A must for hunters, helps prevent the bowstring from striking loose clothing. Attractive saddle cloth camo finish.


leather trad armguard  $19.95 Made by Bear Paw products this all leather traditional armguard has a double thickness of leather with elastic criss cross cords to hold tightly to the forearm.


armguard neet black $6.75  This durable black vinyl armguard is 7" long and features elastic straps and velcro tabs to secure it to your forearm. Easy to adjust to just about any size arm

tab pinchfree neet
This is an excellent finger tab for either beginners or advanced archers. Leather facing is smooth and durable and feature a soft foam finger spacer to keep the archer from pinching the arrow. Double layer gives extra string protection. Order in either left or right hand,  small, medium, or large

tab single leather  $2.00  
This is a basic beginners finger tab and is made from a single layer of leather. Provide adequate finger protection for lighter weight bows. Order in either left or right hand / small or medium

tab cartel smart tab  $19.95 
This style finger tab is preferred by the Olympic style of archers. Aluminum frame with detachable anchor pad and finger spacer is included. The leather facing is replaceable and features a second leather backing and adjustable finger strap. Order in right or left hand / small, medium, or large

Glove bear paw tan$13.95 
This full three finger glove is a favorite of traditional archers. Comfortable soft leather glove has re-enforced harder leather tips for extra protection and a smooth release. Fits either right or left hand archer.  Order in either small, medium, large, or extra large

This is also know as a "damascus" style. Soft and comfortable with re-enforced figer tips. The velcor closure is on the inside of the wrist. This method is less likely to loosen when being used. Fits both right and left hand archers.  Available in small, medium, or large sizes


chest guard
Chest protector by Cartel is adjustable to fit just about all size archers from ages 12 and up. Order in either right or left hand. Mesh screen front stays cool in the summer but still keeps clothing away from the bowstring .

angel chest guard
These chest protectors are made by Angel Archery Products. Top of the line guard to help keep the bowstring from hitting loose clothing and tender parts of an archers anatomy. Adjustable for custom fit. Available in small, medium, or large. Blue, white or black.

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