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The 3D range will be closed down as of November 28th and will fully open as of March 25th.   Thursday 3D nights will start in April.

Remember the 3D range is open during our regular store hours.


         Come and join Mark & Gary Hall on the first sunday in August, between 10:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M.  We will have venison, hotdogs, hamburgers, side dishes,  and soft drinks available for everyone.   Bring your bow or just stop and say hello.  ( you may want to bring your own folding chair )

The outdoor range will be free to shoot all day. 3D range will open as of 3:00.  Broad head target will be open also.

           Special Prices: ONE DAY ONLY on many hunting  accessories.

We will have a great supply of 2017 Bows as well as an expanded line of accessories  like sights, broadheads, arrows, quivers, bow cases and other must have items.   Test shoot a new Elite or G5 Prime, or Xpedition bow,  you will be amazed.   Several manufacturers sales reps will be present through out the day to answer your product questions.

 Kill the running BOAR contest from 2:00 to 3:00      FREE Contest

                             ½ Dozen Arrows to the winner

 Want to try a crossbow?  We will have one available to use on the range.


                        Think you are a good 3D archer than come prove it. 1st of it’s kind tournament will be held from 8am to 2:30 pm. Trophies and gift certificates to the winners.  You will experience long shots & thread the needle shots, as well as being a time restricted event and other special criteria never done before.  $20.00 fee

Extreme 3D is like regular 3D but with a few extra rules and twists.  Most shots will be between 40 and 60 yards.  There will be lots of narrow shooting windows as well as a 30 minute time limit to finish the course.  A total of only 10 targets will be shot.  This is fair warning the course will be hard.  Arrows are likely to be lost.  Rules are listed below. 

 Only one archer per group. A score keeper / judge will accompany each shooter.

 Red stakes are the “extreme” stakes and some part of the archers anatomy must be touching the stake for the shot to count.

 A maximum of 30 minutes are allowed to complete the course.

 Scoring rings are 12, 10, & 8.  ( no 5’s are counted )

 No range finders but binoculars are permitted

 An archer will have 2 chances to pass an extreme shot in leu of an easier shooting position.  An orange stake with a ribbon will make these choices.  Scoring values will be ½ the normal values.

 2 targets will be designated as “no pass” targets and must be shot.

 An archer can enter the course with a maximum of 3 arrows.

 The archer will be awarded 5 points for each useable arrow they finish with.

 Upon conclusion of shooting information regarding the course cannot be shared with anyone.

 All types of equipment is allowed (sorry no crossbows)

 We will have spectator viewing areas.  Pre-registration is suggested.  We have a maximum of 36 shooting positions available.  First archer will start the course at 8am,  a new shooter will start every 10 minutes thereafter.  Pre-register for the starting time of your choice.

 Registration is $20.00.  All monies collected will be given back in the form of gift certificates to the top 4 finishers.   Plus a one of a kind trophy will be awarded to the winner.  Call the phone number to register.   We hope to see you here for the one of a kind event.


2015 3D  Winner Mike Sharp  Mike Sharp 3d winner

2015 King of Mountain Winner Chris Lefebvre Chris Lefebvre

2015 Running Boar Winner Dino Costanzo Dino Cost


                             860-742-4279                      Open house 2008/flyers promo


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