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Andover Archery Center

Andover archery center

Although,Andover Archery center is a relatively new business the owners have accumulated more then 60 years experience in the business and sports of archery.  Andover Archery provides both shopping on line or you can come and visit us at out newly renovated archery shop. We are located in rural eastern cental Connecticut. The shop is nestled in the mists of 24 acres of hardwood with a stream and pond. We offer a full retail proshop, full bow and arrow repair capability with an indoor bow tuning and trial area as well as large outdoor shooting range including 3D, treestand and broadhead shooting.  Most manufactures set what is called a map (minimum advertised price).  This means the seller cannot advertise these products lower than these set prices. Most shops sell higher than these minimums.  Andover archery never sells higher than the map and still offers the most extensive customer service anywhere. Because you deal directly with the owners we guarantee your satisfaction.  Compare our new bow trial policy.  If you want or need instruction we will teach you.  We will fit the bow to your required draw length and weight. We will install and tune you choice of arrow rest and peep sight.  Mount your choice of sights. Help you sight in.  You can then test shoot for feel and accuracy up to 40 yards on our outdoor range.  No one else offers anything close to this.  And you won't pay more and usually less than anywhere else.  You would expect and be happy to pay more but our low overhead allows us this great advantage.  Let us help you improve your accuracy and success.





398 Hebron Rd RT 316

Andover CT, 06232
(860)742-GARY (4279)